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23 / Jun | Technology

Study Tips!

Passive learning! Podcasts are a great source of information and are easy to fit into daily routi...

16 / Jun | Technology

Study in Montreal

According to the 2022 Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) ranking, Montréal is one of the best stude...

10 / Jun | Technology

Pursue an exciting career in Cybersecurity

Why work in Read More

02 / Jun | Technology

What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I) ?

Well, think of it as the science and engineering used to make computers understand complex tasks ...

26 / May | Technology

Career in Network Security Program

With the ever-growing cyber threat landscape, the need for security experts is far surpassing sup...

19 / May | Technology

New Career Opportunities in 2022 for Artificial Intelligence

The race for safe, ethical artificial intelligence is at its peak. With companies releasing smart...

14 / May | Technology

Tech Opportunities in Montreal

Why pursue an I.T. career in Montreal, you ask? Easy Montreal is home to some of the biggest tech...

06 / May | Technology

TensorFlow in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Program

Machine learning is a complex discipline. But implementing machine learning models is far less da...

28 / Apr | Technology

Start Cybersecurity Career Today!

Almost every company requires a security professional in today’s digital era! There has nev...

21 / Apr | Technology

Career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Program

Automation, robotics and the use of sophisticated computer software and programs characterize a c...

14 / Apr | Technology

Are you interested in learning Network Security and Ethical Cyber Piracy Program?

Cyber security is currently a major issue for employers. Nearly a quarter of the global Internet ...

08 / Apr | Technology

What is a Bootleg and Botnet?

What is a bootleg?
A button is a network of devices that have been infect...

01 / Apr | Technology

Why work in Cybersecurity?

The answer rests in the abundant career opportunities in Canada and abroad. The number of skilled...

26 / Mar | Technology

Cyber Security Facts

Did you know that human intelligence and comprehension are the best defence agai...

17 / Mar | Technology

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

What is A.I (Artificial Intelligence)?; How does it work?; Is it a threat to humanity?


11 / Mar | Technology

Pursue a Career in Artificial Intelligence

Nowhere has Read More

11 / Mar | Technology

Network security is a field full of opportunities, Explore now!

Do you have a plateau in your current career and are looking for a change? Look no further than o...

05 / Nov | Technology

Tips to land a job in AI

It is no surprise that the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry is in rapid degrees of developme...

13 / Feb | Technology

Welcome to Ascent College

Admissions are open for May 2021. For more info contact your agent representative or info@ascentc...

08 / Sep | Technology

Forecasting demand for Cybersecurity workers in Canada: 2017-2023

What we know:
Hyper connectivity is driving the transformation of our dig...

27 / May | Technology

AI and the labour market growing labour demand and shifting skill needs

As noted by ICTC’s most recent demand forecast, over 305,000 workers will be required acros...

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