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What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

What is A.I (Artificial Intelligence)?; How does it work?; Is it a threat to humanity?

From "A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) will take over our jobs" to “A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is a threat to humanity.”, rumours on Artificial Intelligence are everywhere!

Computer Scientist and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) pioneer, John McCarthy defined it as:
“The science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially, intelligent computer programs”.

So, think of it as the science used to make machines or computers understand complex tasks utilizing human-like intelligence.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies learn patterns in order to function independently. Machines won't usher people out the door, in fact, they can improve productivity, automate existing processes, provide predictive analysis, and extract meaning from massive datasets; allowing us, humans, to take on tasks that are superior – better suited to our strengths.

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